10 Acres
280 person outdoor theater & adjoining chapel/exhibit space
DeForest, WI
(schematic design)

Collaborative Project with Victor Sidy - Architect & Ryan Hewson

This project for a 280 person outdoor theater and adjacent chapel/exhibit space is located on two 'islands' of build-able land surrounded by sensitive wetlands. This 'Cultural Repository' would exist as a semi-public space, presenting performance and exhibition based events year-round. The project is envisioned as a 'folding' of the earth, opening simultaneously a light-filled cavern-like chapel, as well as a sheltering depression, into which the outdoor theater comfortably sits.

The project seeks to mitigate it's impact on the landscape in many ways, from minimizing the spaces developed/accessible, to micro-pile foundations and rain-water collection systems. Possibly more importantly, the entire complex could serve as a living teaching instrument, demonstrating responsible development adjacent to sensitive areas, an issue facing many municipalities.

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